Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This things Is I want to share!!!

 What are the things you do at home or work to trash waste at school or home?

There are different of trashing waste, the segregating is one of the best way in trashing a waste or throwing. So this activity or segregating from biodegradable and non-biodegradable can lessen your waste, avoiding some bad odors and some diseases. So let's follow these 3r's the "reduce, reuse, and recycle" to have a "Great Lifestyle"


This things Is all I Want

What are the things you do to keep yourself others or our planet healthy?

For me? The best things that I could do to attain and have a healthy one is to follow whats the right and ignore the wrong things or the bad things. This information or good information could be done or made or we should say that to spread the ideas in having good health is to use or make some advertisements about what's the best thing to have or to keep yourself, others or our planet healthy. As a student I could help this situation throughout my knowledge and also publishing some important information in my blog site so that all the people could start his or her "GREAT LIFESTYLE".

My Goals that I want

What are goals or accomplishments you would like to reach or attain this year?

One of my plan and dream that i want to accomplish, and to reach or to attain is to serve the Lupon community and other people here in Lupon. I want to recognize the KAAGAN community and Lupon all over the country especially here in Davao Oriental because this tribe is the tribe who are the first tribe rule in our home town. For the information of the people KAAGAN was the first tribe exist in Lupon not the Mandayas. So I want also to inform all the people in Davao oriental that the information about the history of lupon is "WRONG". This is one of my plans and dreams in this year.

The People who Influence Me Throughout My Life

 Who are the people that influenced you most throughout your life?

The people who influenced me most are my co-dancers or co-artist and specially choreographer who is our kuya jem that makes our life change specially our attitude on how to communicate others, to decil and to respect every people in our society. teach us on how to become dependent on our living. Being a part of our group which is the "KAAGAN DANCE THEATER COLLECTIVE INC". I'm so proud that this group molds me with my talent and skills through arts specially in acting, dancing and music. Dance concerts and bonding time is one of my favorite events or we could say it that a n event that influenced me most because I will spend my life and time with my talent, my friends, and my family. This is the things that makes my life colorful and skillful.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Special Day

Me and my Sister

Helo guys!!! :) weeew!!! Do you know that for almost 2 months I did not update my cutie blog because of the hectic schedule. . . .

Last February 19 is my last and exciting, Juniors and Seniors Promenade. . . Many things were happen. . . For me this day is one of the special day in February which I've prepare this same as my sister who is the Ms. Junior. Do you know that the three princesses which is the Ms. Junior, the Ms. Senior and the Alma-mater is so related to me. The Ms. Junior is my sister and the Alma-mater and Ms. Senior are my cousins. Funny but its through.

The Seniors

Me with the Three Princesses