Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The People who Influence Me Throughout My Life

 Who are the people that influenced you most throughout your life?

The people who influenced me most are my co-dancers or co-artist and specially choreographer who is our kuya jem that makes our life change specially our attitude on how to communicate others, to decil and to respect every people in our society. teach us on how to become dependent on our living. Being a part of our group which is the "KAAGAN DANCE THEATER COLLECTIVE INC". I'm so proud that this group molds me with my talent and skills through arts specially in acting, dancing and music. Dance concerts and bonding time is one of my favorite events or we could say it that a n event that influenced me most because I will spend my life and time with my talent, my friends, and my family. This is the things that makes my life colorful and skillful.