Saturday, January 16, 2010

Im so Insane of this Game . . . . .

Frozen Throne:DOTA
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First Blood, Double Kill, Triple Kill, Godlike, Beyond Godlike. . !!!!!! Have You ever hear this words??????????????? ?_?.. Yes you're not wrong its the trade mark of Frozen Throne or mostly the gamer called it "DOTA". Dota is the popular game in the country and it is played by teenagers and also kid from age of 6.

I'm one of the players and a fan addict of this game. I'm playing this game for almost 4 years but still I'm so insane with this game. This game has a maximum of 2 teams and every teams as a 5 members which you could choose your hero through different mode which are the "SD" or the single daft, "AP" for all pick and "AR" for all random. This game could enhance your team work skills and build your own strategies using your heroes. This game could be play by anyone and it also could be played by a lady.

So what are you waiting for lets play this game and let's defense our ancients.