Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I've Learned A Lot . . .

As I finished the interview I've learned a lot like about what is Mecca, what are the five pillars, what is Ramadan and also what is Hajj. So as I made a generalization this is what come up to my mind.

Ramadan is one of the most important day if Muslims. It is the day which all Muslims will sacrifice themselves for thirty days or one month. The main purpose why they celebrate Ramadan is it because it's the way of cleansing their sins and it is the way of thanks giving from all of the blessings they had received. It includes Fasting and Repentance. In Hajj, I've learned that Hajj is the time which they will go to Mecca and spend their time for almost a month and after that month staying in Mecca and receive or hear the Islam words. They will now become a Hajj. Last one is the Mecca, and Mecca is the holy place for Muslims and this is the place were they praising Allah.

The Mecca

Ramadan of Muslims