Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PRE-MARITAL SEX: Careless Whisper No More . . .

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In the 1060's western society underwent what is called the sexual revolution. (Thino, 1984:169)
"The sexual revolution does not mean Americans have gone wild, rather it means that people now show more tolerance for the behavior of others, that the double standard is on the decline, thath sex is seen as as a recreation as well as a means of procreation and that the quality of of relationship is as more important as its legal status."

The Philippines has not been spared by the sexual revolution. Nudity can be seen in advertisements, on TV, in theaters, movies and magazines. Young people hear of premarital sex; actresses proclaim and brag about being mothers without the benefit of marriage; single parenthood and the "Querida system is prevent."

The sexual revolution has resulted in tolerance of various forms of sexual behavior. Premarital sex is one. The sexual revolution has brought out the open relationship between two people of the opposite sex who are having sex relations although not married but intending to marry each other in a future time. The onslaught of liberal ideas about womanhood, the right of women to take full control of their sexuality and the capacity to make a choice may explain the premarital sex phenomenon.

According to Kuzma (1998), sex should be reserved for marriage. We have norm against premarital sex. It is consider morally wrong. Sex outside marriage diminishes the symbolic meaning of a couples commitment for life. The Philippine society is not yet ready to accept the premarital sex situation.


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