Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Great Lifestyle "Me and My Identity"

"Me and My Identity"

Identity?? For me identity is the distinct personality of individual. As this activity made which asking me what is my identity or who am I. Luckily this my great lifestyle will be shared to all of you.

Being a silent cutie guy who loves music and have a talent trough arts who is one of my great personality that could I be proud. When "JOHN PAUL NICOLO A. RODRIGUEZ" born in this world a new creation of our God has been mold to be a great soon to be artist in Davao Oriental. Being a bank secret of the group and being a broad minded I also share my experiences and love for the some one who I trust and I know they will can be trust me too. The date of June 28, 1993 was my first cry in this earth and this day was the first great smile of my parents who gave everything just to e here in this world.

I value all the people who valuing me as what am I and who am I. I value the art and culture of my home town and want to preserve everything specially the practices in our region were I live. I value my characteristic that has a great principle in life, sticking with it and I want every living thing in this world will have a great communication, great relation, great unity and a great lifestyle in your life. Go with your dreams and follow your heart and mind.


Alma Cafe said...

it's cool to know some revelations about you.