Monday, January 11, 2010

A Great Experience In Davao. . . .

"Mga Ka Blog" Whats Up??? :)

Last August, this is the month festival of Davao. All Dabawanyos celebrated the "KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL" which is headed by Hon. Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte the mayor of Davao with his beautiful daughter Inday Sara Duterte.

The festival was full of attraction from Float parade, The "Indak-indak Sa Kadalanan" and the "Sayaw Mindanao". Bringing the name of different places and tribes makes the competition interesting especially in the "Sayaw Mindanao". "Sayaw Mindanao" is a kind of category which the different group representing there tribe or there culture. This category was joined by different groups and tribes in Mindanao and one of these groups is the Davao Oriental Cultural Workers or the Ka'agan Dance Theater Collective.

I'm one of the members of this group which is the KDTC. Our group was bringing the tribe which is the Ka'agan. In joining this kind of competition, our group decided with no doubts that we would joined the competition. To join a very big competition especially the "Sayaw Mindanao". Our group sacrifices a lot specially our time to our family, friends and also is in study. In the age of 16 we smack our selves through our talents and grab the opportunity to join this kind of big competition.

This event made our experience increase especially through performing arts and leadership. The competition has an entry of 20 contingency and fortunatly we belong to the top 7 on the 2nd phase of the competition The Madayaw group representing the tribe of Manobo bring the bacon whit the amount of P100,000.00.WEWEw!!. What a prce :).. But Behind of this we are also lucky for being rank 4 in the said competition because we know that in our hearts we are all winners. :)

Our first intention to join the competition is to gain more knowledge about what is culture and art's, what is performing arts 2nd is bringing and promoting the Ka'agans culture which is originate in Davao Oriental. :)