Sunday, January 10, 2010

My First Post in a Blog . . . .

3:20 in the afternoon I've been starting creating my first post in my blog. I feel so excited because it is my first time to create my blog. At first my mind playing with that blogging is fun or it is difficult to do. When our major teacher explained what's blogging is all about and fortunately I realize that blogging makes you rich especially with knowledge, in spiritual aspect and also you could friends in other places.
My first post in a blog makes me busy during, before or even after my class. I consult some of my friends and classmates what should I post. Searching and consulting through dictionary if the spelling is correct. At the end I choose the "My First Post in a Blog" will be my first post that has made by effort and love but this post could not completely finish with out the help of my friends who contributes details and words.